So much of what happens at the nest featured at ChesapeakeBayOspreyCam takes place when visitors aren’t watching.  In this section of the website, key milestones will be documented in video and archived for future viewing.

Scoll down to see short video clips of key moments in the lives of Herself and Himself and their chicks.

Three Newborn Chicks Enthusiastically Eat Rockfish, recorded June 25, 2012:


Newborn Chick Interacts with Herself, recorded June 20, 2012:


Territorial Challenge by 3rd Osprey, recorded May 27, 2012:


Herself and Himself Tend Nest, recorded May 14, 2012:


Herself Incubating Eggs (Night Vision), recorded May 14, 2012:


Call of The Osprey at Sunrise, recorded May 27, 2012: