Welcome to the 2018 Season of ChesapeakeBayOspreyCam

Friends: For the 5th year, we are pleased to bring you the story of Tweedledee and Tweedledum, a mated pair of Osprey who roost at a private home in Edgewater, MD, just south of the confluence of the South River and Chesapeake Bay. This year, the pair mated in April 2018, laying 2-eggs; the second on May 14, 2018, Mother’s Day! Here at ChesapeakeBayOspreyCam,

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Ospreys Beat The Heat

The almost two-week long heat wave that put an environmental choke-hold on the Washington, DC region finally broke on July 8, 2012.  A cold-front with rain pushed aside hot, moist high air that produced 100+ temperatures for 5-straight days –and 95+ temps for 11-straight days, both historical records, according to the Capital Weather Gang. Although nest observers were concerned, nature proved that mother knows

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The Osprey Fix

Below is a link to a piece written by a self-described “featherhead” and Osprey conservationist Melanie Lynch. You can read the article here. Ms. Lynch documented her encounters, turned obsession, with the species during a visit to Jug Bay Natural Area, “on the winding, marshy middle reaches of the Patuxent River.” Great story telling and images, plus links to other Osprey Cams.

Osprey Nest Update: Heat Advisory

Today, July 6, 2012 is what the meteorologists at the Washington Post’s Capital Weather Gang are calling the “longest, strongest” heat wave in DC history. Nine straight days of 95+ heat. Click here for details. Although temperatures are approximately 3-5 degrees cooler at the nest (which is near the Chesapeake Bay), the heat is absolutely distressing Herself and Himself and their two surviving chicks.

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Third Born Chick Dies, Two Others Thrive

Edgewater, MD, July 1, 2012:  We are now missing (and presumed dead) the third of the chicks. It either died in the “Derecho” windstorm (unlikely), was too small to compete with its siblings for food (likely) or was picked by its mother to starve because she wants to have two strong chicks and not struggle with three (likely). We noticed she would feed it

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Osprey-Watch Program July 17, 2012

If you’re at the Delaware or Maryland seashore on July 17, an Osprey-Watch program will be taking place at the Life-Saving Station near Indian River Inlet. The station is located at 25039 Coastal Highway, Rehoboth Beach. For more information, call 302-227-6991. Additional details can be found by clicking on this link!

Welcome to Chesapeake Bay Osprey Cam!

Thank you for visiting ChesapeakeBayOspreyCam.com! Here you can follow the travails of a pair of Osprey living near the Chesapeake Bay as they mate, lay eggs, and nurture fledglings that, hopefully, will successfully debark the nest sometime in August 2018. A team of observers is documenting nest activities with photographs, blog entries and YouTube videos.  But the hallmark of ChesapeakeBayOspreyCam is a live video

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